How to send a job order

How to create Job Order

How to send a job order:

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All the below will be explained in details in our training video which you will get upon registering. However, this is a brief explanation about how we receive and deliver our products:

- After registering and getting approved, you will be eligible to order from NNN.

- As NNN VENEERS are minimal prep. veneers the procedure will require only 2 visits for your patient; the first visit is for the impressions and the second one is to insert and fix the veneers.

- Once you have an upper and a lower impression with a bite registration all taken for your patient and placed in our shipping box, you will then follow the steps below:
(All the steps below will be clearly shown and explained in our training video)

  1. Login to your account using your registered email address and password to create your job order and patient profile.
  2. After confirming the job order details, you will have four papers to print out and place them as follows:
    a) Job order: To be placed inside the shipping box.
    b) Checklist: To be filled and ticked by the dentist and the nurse, and placed inside the shipping box.
    c) Shipping invoice: To be placed sealed on the outside of the shipping box.
    d) Shipping details: To be given by hand to the delivery man of your courier company upon pickup.
  3. Call your desired courier company to pick up the shipment.
  4. Wait for your job order status to be changed from the system, if there are any errors, our customer service team will get in touch with you, otherwise wait for the manufacturing time period as per your rank.

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